I have been active in the field of antique arms for nearly forty years: buying, selling, trading, acting as a consultant and purchaser for two national museums, and appraising for estate and insurance purposes. For some years now, I have placed sale ads in Man at Arms magazine (which I highly recommend). My thanks to those I have met and done business with there, and at the many shows I attend. I hope to continue my association with all of you, and meet others as well through this new venture.

My guarantee of authenticity is as follows:
I will sell only genuine antique items. I scrutinize each item I obtain for resale as closely as if it were going into my own collection. You have a five-day money-back guarantee, and you can exercise this option for any reason you choose. Just phone and tell me you are returning the item, and you will receive the refund as long as it comes back in the condition in which it was sent. If the description in this catalog does not provide the information you want, call for more details. I will be pleased to discuss it in depth with you.

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